Centre for Evaluation and Research


The Centre for Evaluation and Research (the Centre) informs continuous improvement by undertaking strategic evaluation and researching of Department of Health and Human Services (the department) activities and provides expert oversight, advice and support to ensure high quality evaluation and research work throughout the department. The Centre works with partners to provide a clear evidence-base for the effectiveness of health and human services and how to position policy, program and service responses to support Victorians.


Staff in the Centre bring diverse experience and expertise in evaluation and research from academic, policy and service delivery backgrounds, with experience and professional recognition across local and international academic, social and economic policy spheres.


The Centre is led by the Assistant Director, Centre for Evaluation and Research, reporting to the Director, System Intelligence and Analytics within the Portfolio, Strategy and Reform division. The work of the Centre is informed by an annual Strategic Evaluation Plan, endorsed by the Executive Board and monitored on a quarterly basis by the Quality, Safety and Experience board sub-committee.

Evaluation Preferred Provider Panel

The Centre administers a department-specific subset of the Department of Treasury and Finance's Professional Advisory Services (PAS) panel – the Evaluation Preferred Provider (EPP) panel. The EPP panel aims to improve the quality of contracted evaluations for the department and make contracting evaluations easier for staff. The panel is open for new members annually around September / October. Potential members must already be included on the PAS panel and have experience in evaluation in the health and/or human services sectors. For further information on the panel please email CER@dhhs.vic.gov.au.

Contact us

If you have any queries about the Centre, please email us at CER@dhhs.vic.gov.au with your name and contact details.

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