Organisational structure

The Department of Human Services is a service delivery organisation that supports Victorians in need to build better lives and achieve their potential.

With our partners we:

  • support people in crisis and help individuals and families get their lives back on track.
  • work with families, individuals, young people and communities to improve their lives through building capabilities and resilience, supporting participation in work, education and the community. 
  • provide services to support people in need to enjoy a positive life.

We recently reshaped our department to better support Victorians in need, now and into the future, and to lay the foundations for further human services reform. We are creating an operational environment that is able to deliver more-integrated, person-centred support in a manner that is sustainable over the years to come. The new arrangements strengthen our ability to deliver a consistent range and level of services across the state and allow more flexible resource allocation so clients have support when and where it is needed.

The department and its work are vital to Victorians’ wellbeing and Victoria’s growth.

Areas, groups and divisions

The department operates across the state from within seventeen local areas that each focus on achieving lasting outcomes for our clients by:

  • providing immediate support to individuals and families in need through locally responsive and integrated service delivery
  • looking at broader community and family issues to see how these may be reduced or prevented in future
  • connecting with the local community to develop solutions.

Four divisions across the state provide strategic oversight and coordination for the areas within them.

Five groups lead the development of policy, strategy, service design, reform and development and provide regulatory oversight.

The groups and divisions provide corporate and executive services across the department.

High-level structure