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Employees of the Department of Health & Human Services enjoy a whole range of generous Victorian government employment benefits from attractive salaries and flexible leave arrangements to training and development opportunities.

And what's more, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing the work you do contributes to making Victoria a stronger, healthier, more caring and innovative State.

Career Opportunities

The Department of Health & Human Services are interesting places to work. Whether you are a person looking for a career change, a graduate or currently working in the private sector, the departments offers many opportunities. We attract high quality, passionate people at all levels to all our myriad of jobs. Our career structure makes sure that you can enjoy real professional development and opportunity.

Learning and Development

The departments have a high quality workforce supported by training and development opportunities to help you gain qualifications and skills that are transferable and develop your talents.

Build your existing qualifications and skills through your annual planning and performance management planning. This may involve study for formal qualifications (supported by study leave to prepare for and attend examinations) or attending conferences and seminars to keep up to date with all the latest developments.

Salaries and Superannuation

You'll find the salary range for jobs you are interested in when you explore job vacancies on this web site. Our graded career structure rewards your performance with progression to the next salary grade. Your individual performance expectations are set out in a performance plan, agreed between you and your supervisor.

Direct employer contributions are made to an approved superannuation fund, under the Superannuation Guarantee legislation. Your superannuation can also be 'topped up' to a complying accumulation fund of your choice.

Salary packaging allows you to use pre-tax dollars to 'top up' superannuation, access a novated leased vehicle for full private use or take out discounted private health insurance cover. Other tax effective work-related and deductible items are offered, such as professional membership fees and home office expenses.

Balancing Work and Life

We support you in achieving a balance between your work life and home life. Subject to your managers approval, part-time work, job sharing, home-based work and additional purchased leave can add more flexibility to your lifestyle.

We also offer an extensive range of leave provisions.

  • Download the Summary of Flexible Work Arrangements and Leave Provisions brochure at the bottom of the page

Employment Agreements

All employees of the Victorian Public Service are bound by the Code of Conduct for Public Sector Employees 2007.

The terms and conditions of employment in the Victorian Public Service are in accordance with the Public Administration Act 2004 and the Commonwealth Fair Work Act 2009.

The department complies with the National Fair Work Employment Standards that apply from 1 January 2010.

Employment conditions and benefits for the Department of Health & Human Services are governed by two industrial agreements registered by Fair Work Australia (formerly the Australian Industrial Relations Commission). The agreements are underpinned by Federal Awards and cover a range of entitlements such as remuneration, hours of duty including rosters (where applicable), shift allowances and overtime provisions, leave and allowances.

The Employment Agreements are:

For Community, Administrative and Public Sector Roles

The following Agreement applies if you obtain employment in the areas of child protection, youth justice, housing and the majority of middle senior management roles and any corporate support or administrative roles.

For Disability Service Worker Roles

The following Agreement applies if you obtain employment as a direct service worker in Disability Services, which is primarily shiftwork on a 24/7 basis. Some health professional roles are also covered by this Agreement.


All employees new to the Victorian Public Service may be subject to the satisfactory performance and conduct during a three-month probationary period.

For fixed term employees the full probationary period applies if employment is for three months or more. If the contract is less than three months the whole period will be considered probationary. If a further contract follows, the period of probation already served shall be taken into account.

If, during the probationary period, issues with your conduct or performance are identified, the initial probationary period of three months may be extended by a period of not more than three months to allow the opportunity to address the conduct or performance issues.


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