Our Organisation

General information about the department, including details about its structure, values and key staff, as well as annual reports and budget and career information.

Community Services

  • Supporting Victorians living with disabilities
  • Protecting vulnerable children
  • Assisting young people entering or leaving the youth justice system
  • Recovery from emergencies  


  • Providing more and better public and social housing
  • Improving the range of affordable housing options
  • Reducing homelessness




  • Working to improve the quality of life for all Victorian women
  • Coordinating Victorian whole-of-government policies for women


  • Driving a whole-of-government agenda in relation to Victorians aged 12 to 25
  • Delivering programs and initiatives that support the social, civic and economic participation of young people

Organisational structure

An overview of our department. Includes descriptions of functional areas and responsibilities, and an organisational chart.

Annual Reports

The Department of Human Services produces an organisation-wide, and other annual reports, after the end of each financial year. The department's annual report is tabled in Parliament.

Careers at the department

The department offers many different career options. There are a variety of employment opportunities available. Learn more about different occupations and search for current job vacancies.

Services by other organisations

Various functions relating to the activities of the Department of Human Services are managed by other departments and agencies listed on this page.