The Link concessions newsletter

The Link newsletter provides concessions stakeholders with information available from the Victorian State Government’s concession program, along with other programs that may be useful for concession card holders.

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The most recent volumes are available below:

In this issue: rates concessions, Fire Services Property Levy and the Excess Energy concessions, Carers Week and Carer Card offers, Victorian Young Achiever awards.

In this issue: an introduction from the new Ministers, annual updates to the Municipal Rates, Water and Sewerage and non-mains concessions and the new Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund. 

In this issue: the Excess Energy Concessions, Municipal Rates Concession, Fire Services Property Levy Concession and Medical Cooling Concession. We also provide helpful information about the Do Not Knock campaign, which helps households to deal with door-to-door sales, and the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria. 

This issues covers the latest increases to concession amounts, an update on concession funding, more about the Excess Energy Concession, and concession services available from Australia Post. Also included is the Concessions-at-a-glance ready reckoner - a handy guide to concessions to print and display. 

Highlights in this issue include concessions available for rural Victorians and people who access utilities via embedded networks;the new Excess Energy Concession and Fire Services Property Levy Concession; and rebates for water-saving products. We also introduce you to some of the other publications produced by the Department of Human Services which may be of interest. 

Highlights in this issue include more details about the Excess Energy Concession, Life Support Concession and Medical Cooling Concession. We also cover other programs that help consumers, including Smarter Choice, My Power Planner and My consumer rights.

Highlights in this issue include the new Excess Energy Concession, increases to the Non-Mains Energy Concession, the Off Peak Electricity Concession is renamed to the Controlled Load Electricity Concession. There is information about Good Money, the Energy and Water Ombudsman and the next Bring Your Bills day, and the latest version of the Victorian Concessions brochure. 

In this issue we report on concessions news from the 2013–2014 State Budget. There is information about the Utility Relief Grant Scheme to help pay utility bills. We look at how to improve energy efficiency and the help available to replace old appliances. There is also information about the Services Connect Department of Human Services’ transformation program and Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Strategy. And we highlight services: Keeping in Touch, Bring your bills day and financial education workshops.

Non Mains Energy Concession, the Medical Cooling Concession, help with water costs, Bring Your Bills days, the annual concessions report, Victoria’s new disability plan. 

The non-mains water and energy concessions, information about planning for natural disasters, commemorations to mark 75 years of public housing, an invitation to help shape the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The new Carers Recognition Act 2012, Carer Card and the National Carers Week conference, the new Victorian Government Switch On website, the Home Energy Saver Scheme, Non-Mains Energy Concessions.

More information about the changes to the Annual Electricity Concession and Winter Energy Concession on gas, the Non-Mains Energy Concession, Bring Your Bills Days, MoneyHelp, the Essential Medical Equipment Payment.

Changes to the Annual Electricity Concession and Winter Energy Concession on gas, the Life Support Concession, Carers Recognition Bill and Carer Card update, the State concessions and hardship programs 2010-11 report.

The Carers Recognition Bill 2012, the Clean Energy Future – Household Assistance Package, Concession Assist, eye care services.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria, Non Mains Energy and Medical Cooling Concessions, affordable computers and transport assistance.

The Home Renovation Service, the Annual Electricity Concession, Microfinance options, help with education costs, planning for the bushfire season, a day in the life of a financial counsellor.

The new Department of Human Services website, stamp duty concessions, discounts for gas heating, Saver Plus, Carer Card’s first birthday.

2011-12 State Budget, Annual Electricity Concession, embedded networks, Progress Loans.

Annual Electricity Concession, flood relief, Medical Cooling Concession, Saver Plus program, Carer Card quick facts.


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