New Victorian Housing Register makes applying for housing easy

Victorian Housing Register
11 August 2016

 Victorian Housing Register

People who want to apply for social housing can now do so through a single system. 

The Victorian Housing Register is the new way applications for long term social housing are managed in Victoria. It brings together public and community housing applications for housing so that people only need to apply once. 

People who want to apply for social housing or to transfer from their current social housing property can apply by:

  • Filling in a new online housing application form through myGov

The Victorian Housing Register is a partnership between the Victorian Government, the community housing sector and the homelessness sector. 

The register will consist of two categories: Priority Access for those most in need, and a Register of Interest for people who would like to be considered for social housing. 

All applications will be assessed the same way and places on the register will be determined by eligibility and current situation, creating fairer and equal system for all. 

More information on the Victorian Housing Register can be found at  

Existing applicants

People already on public and/or community housing lists will be transferred on to the Victorian Housing Register and will not need to apply again.  

People who are already on a social housing list can choose to be considered for either public housing, community housing or both. 

How to apply

Applications can be made online through myGov by linking the Victorian Housing Register Application or by filling in a paper application. Visit for more information. 

Support agencies can access the online application via eBusiness. Visit the Funded Agency Channel for access to the online application and for more information.

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