Family violence online training now available

11 May 2015

A new e-learning module on the Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework (CRAF) is now available. This module provides an understanding of family violence, the main effects on individuals and the community, and the purpose of the CRAF.

You can access this interactive module freely online at The Lookout website. The Core Knowledge module is useful for a wide range of service providers to gain an understanding of family violence. It can be used for induction, staff induction, development and refresher training, and as a reference.

This is the first of four e-learning modules covering the CRAF. The three upcoming modules will cover the use of the CRAF practice guides:

  • Identifying family violence
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management.

These modules will be released over the next months and will also be free to use through The Lookout.

The modules will support family violence practitioners and professionals who work with women experiencing family violence to identify and respond to associated risk factors, at a level that is appropriate to their role. The full suite of modules will provide content and learning outcomes consistent with the CRAF statewide face-to-face training sessions.

The Lookout is the site for professionals to find and share information on family violence in Victoria. It was developed by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria and Domestic Violence Victoria with funding from the Victorian Government as part of its response to family violence.

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