Creating better youth policy for all

21 August 2015

The development of an exciting new policy aimed at improving government support for young Victorians has begun, and we need your input.

The new youth policy will improve outcomes for young people aged 12 to 24 years, especially those who are disadvantaged and disengaged.

Once finalised, the policy will build a coordinated approach to:

  • youth issues across government
  • increasing the focus on early intervention and prevention
  • strengthening engagement and involvement by young people in policies and programs that affect them.

A main priority of the framework’s development is getting feedback from young people, to ensure that the services the Victorian Government provides are relevant and give them the opportunity to stay at school, get a job and be connected with their community.

Young people are invited to join the conversation by visiting the youth central website and participating in an easy online survey, where they can let the government know their needs.

Further consultation with youth services organisations and the broader community will take place during September and October.

Visit youth central for more information or to take part in the survey.

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