Art moves from street to estate in Collingwood

Collingwood Mural
23 December 2015
Collingwood Mural, on the Collingwood housing estate

A plain brick wall on the Collingwood housing estate has been brought to life by a group of talented young artists. Young people from the estate and the surrounding area have created a unique mural to adorn the wall and bring life and colour to the space on the estate.

The young artists completed an eight-week workshop with local contemporary street art consultancy Juddy Roller, to develop their designs and ideas and to learn new street art skills.

One of the participants said it was a great opportunity for struggling artists to develop their art and learn new skills.

'Meeting and spray painting with Stu, an actual street artist, was amazing and a great opportunity to expand my learning. I hope that there are more workshops. One of my goals is for my art to be seen and appreciated so workshops like this one definitely gave me that opportunity.'

Matt Careri of Juddy Roller said that workshops and other art-related community activities are a fundamental component of the Juddy Roller community ethos, allowing artists to connect to a different audience in a meaningful way.

'We know that art engages people and we want our workshops to allow young people to have fun, learn new skills and produce something they are proud of.

'Throughout the course we saw so much enthusiasm and excitement from those participating, and it was great to see them find a positive and relatable role model in Stu [Stark] aka Putos. They really opened up and treated Stu like a peer rather than an authority figure, which was really essential to the success of the mural,' Matt said.

Stu said that the workshop and helping to bring the participants' art to life was a rewarding experience.

'Usually we do shorter workshops, so with this longer one it was really rewarding to act as a role model for the kids and help them learn about graffiti and street art.

'At one point when we were painting the mural a young girl from the estate came up and wanted to paint too, the next thing I knew I had a line of kids behind me wanting to have a go. We were able to incorporate their painting into a rainbow as part of the mural,' Stu said.

The Collingwood Mural Project was facilitated by City of Yarra Youth Services, Youth Support and Advocacy Service and YMCA Victoria, in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services, to engage positively with young people who reside on the Collingwood and Atherton Gardens estates. The project provided a positive platform for relationship building and has resulted in the beautification of space on the Collingwood estate and the development of artistic skills for participants.

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