$43 million packages another boost for out-of-home care

Three children walking in a park
18 March 2015
Three children walking in a park

The Victorian Government has announced a new $43 million initiative that will move children out of residential care and into home-based care placements.

Under the innovative initiative, Targeted Care Packages will provide the flexibility to tailor supports to the individual needs of children and their carers that will assist in finding more appropriate alternative placements.

The first priority is to move primary school age children who are living in residential care into home-based care, with a particular focus on Aboriginal children. In some cases, the packages will enable children to return home. The packages will involve an assessment of each child’s needs and the development of an appropriate package of supports that will make transition possible.

This is one of a range of initiatives underway to improve the way government and funded service providers support and protect vulnerable children and young people in care. These include:

  • $19 million to improve the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in residential care through increased staffing and stronger oversight, and a project to address the shortfall of foster carers. For further information, visit the news item on this site.
  • Performance thresholds for home-based care have been revised to ensure the sustainability of home-based care services. Further information is available on the Funded Agency Channel.

Please note: out-of-home care refers to the care of children and young people by foster and kinship carers, and in residential care facilities when a family needs support, in cases of family conflict or if there is a significant risk of harm or abuse in the family home.

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