Homelessness Innovation Action Projects

Back on Track project partners with Minister Wendy Lovell

Innovation Action Projects have been testing new ways to tackle homelessness, aiming to:

  • provide better support to people experiencing homelessness
  • find new ways to help people avoid becoming homeless.

The projects have been implemented in two stages. Stage one involved 11 projects which were selected on their ability to deliver a new approach to service delivery.

Seven projects that achieved the most successful results for clients continued to stage two. These were based on a comprehensive and independent performance evaluation.

See the Innovation Action Projects – Stage Two page to find out more.

About the independent evaluation

KPMG external consultants conducted a three-year evaluation of the projects.

They analysed whether the projects, individually and collectively, delivered better results for people using the services and service system improvements.

The evaluation tested:

  1. Early intervention approaches. This involved engaging and supporting people before, rather than after, they are in crisis or homeless.
  2. Outcomes focused delivery. This involved providing services that demonstrate people are not just getting assistance but that the service gives meaningful results.
  3. Service integration. This involved making sure that people have easy access to the supports they need.

The evaluation results

Overall, the Innovation Action Projects have prevented people from becoming homeless by providing targeted and well-timed early intervention services that:

  • help people to stabilise their existing housing arrangements or move to alternative, more affordable and appropriate housing
  • enable people to sustain their housing after leaving the program
  • help people develop relevant skills – like managing tenancies, budgeting, family relationships and parenting skills, which positively impact on housing stability.

See the Evaluation of the Homelessness Innovation Action Projects Summative Evaluation Report – Executive Summary for more information on key findings and lessons.

Key achievements

The projects have provided services to more than 3,500 people.

Most of these people would have become homeless had they not received these services.

Next steps

  • We will continue to look at ways to embed and expand the innovations tested by the projects.
  • The projects will continue to be assessed against the results they are able to deliver, including their ability to prevent people becoming homeless.
  • We will continue to collect outcomes focused data to inform further improvements to homelessness services.

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