Innovation action projects - stage two

There are seven Innovation Action Projects that will continue to be funded:

  • Sustaining Tenancies at Risk (STAR) Housing Program – Rural Housing Network Ltd with 14 health and welfare partners in north-eastern Victoria. This project involves working with individuals and families who are in the private rental market who may be at risk of losing their tenancy. Through early intervention, STAR works alongside people to keep them in their private rental, and enables them to manage their tenancy in the future. More information is available on the STAR Housing website.
  • Detour – Melbourne City Mission, Kids Under Cover and Kildonan UnitingCare. This project targets a number of support and accommodation options for young people. It connects young people to their families and community, and helps them engage with education, training and employment. More information is available on the Melbourne City Mission Detour webpage.
  • HomeConnect Hub – VincentCare Victoria, Anglicare Victoria, Australian Community Services Organisation, Mayflower Community and Care and the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. This project connects individuals and families with integrated support before they reach crisis point. Support is provided around a range of needs including: health; mental health; education; employment; well-being; living skills; and social connections. A key component of the initiative is a multi-service centre in Glenroy that offers integrated services and links with the local community. More information is available on the Glenroy Community Hub webpage.
  • Home at Last – Housing for the Aged Action Group. This project works with older people who are at risk of, or experiencing homelessness. It provides a one-stop information centre for housing and assistance, including advice, advocacy and support. More information is available on the Home at Last webpage.
  • Next Steps – Jesuit Social Services. This project works with people involved in the youth or adult justice system that are at risk of homelessness. It addresses a critical gap in current homelessness services by providing therapeutic support through intensive case management, residential support and family counselling. More information is available on the Jesuit Social Services website.
  • Families@Home – Kildonan UnitingCare with partner agencies Salvation Army Crossroads and Launch Housing. This project provides a holistic response to families who are at risk of homelessness due to family violence with a focus on keeping women and children safe and secure in their homes. The service provides a coordinated and integrated service response that includes: housing support; family violence counselling; relationship and parenting support; financial counselling; and brokerage. More information is available on the Kildonan UnitingCare website.
  • Regional Outreach for Elderly Homeless – Wintringham Specialist Aged Care. This project works with older people who are at risk of, or experiencing homelessness, helping them to sustain affordable accommodation and access aged care and support services. The service operates in multiple locations across regional Victoria where it can be difficult to find affordable housing and appropriate aged care. More information is available on the Wintringham website.
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