Housing assistance programs - annual summaries

The Department of Human Services provides a range of housing assistance programs to Victorians, including direct tenure public rental housing, community-managed housing, financial assistance to people in the private rental sector, homelessness assistance and home ownership assistance.

This publication provides detailed descriptions and statistics on housing assistance activities during 2011–2012.

  • Part 1 provides an overview of the various housing assistance programs
  • Part 2 provides an overview of the Victorian housing market
  • Part 3 provides an overview of Specialist housing services
  • Part 4 reports on rental housing assistance programs
  • Part 5 reports on home ownership assistance programs
  • Part 6 outlines social housing stock management activities, including housing acquisition, redevelopment, upgrade, maintenance and public housing sale and demolition activities for the year. A profile of social housing (public and community) in Victoria as at 30 June 2012 is also provided.

The Summary of Housing Assistance Programs report refers to Housing and Community Building, however following an organisational restructure this division no longer exists and from 2012-13 it will be referred to as the Department of Human Services.

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