Senior Practitioner Annual Report 2012-13

Every year the Senior Practitioner publishes information on the data about the use of restrictive interventions and compulsory treatment and projects that are being used to assist service providers support people with disability well.

The key findings of the Annual Report for July 2012 to June 2013, showed that 1,975 individual people were reported to be restrained or secluded at least once during the year.

The results showed that fewer people were secluded compared to previous years, while there was no increase in chemical restraint as needed, but more people were subjected to mechanical restraint, physical restraint and routine chemical restraint than the previous year.

In response to these findings the Senior Practitioner put in place two major strategies:

  • Workforce development strategy - to help services improve the quality of the support provided to clients
  • Promote positive practice change by helping support professionals find alternative interventions to support people with dual disability and high needs.

The workforce development strategy is already showing significant changes in improving the quality of behaviour support plans. This is a good result because we know that good quality behaviour support plans leads to less restrictive interventions.

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