Residential Services Practice Manual

The Residential Services Practice Manual (RSPM) outlines the roles and responsibilities of disability services support staff working in residential services managed by the department.

The manual describes best practice approaches to supporting people who live in residential services and applies to group homes, facility-based respite and residential institutions. Specialised statewide residential services use relevant sections of this manual in conjunction with individual client plans and service specific policies and procedures.

Instruction updates

Updates were made to some parts of the RSPM 3rd edition, in July 2013. There was no change to practice requirements created by these updates. Additional information and instruction was provided to assist staff to apply current requirements to the support of residents with dementia, Prader-Willi syndrome and pica behaviour.
Additional updates were made in February 2014 to clarify the roles and responsibilities of department staff in relation to management of occupational violence and the entry, exit and relocation processes required in department managed accommodation services.
The contents page of each section notes the updated instructions.


Funded community service organisations that provide residential services for people with disabilities may also use this manual without seeking permission providing any changes made are insubstantial. If an agency has a need to make substantial changes to the document, the department suggests your agency develop its own practice guide. Please do not breach crown copyright.

Copies of forms and templates may be requested by sending an email to

A screen reader accessible Word version and PDF version of the manual is available below broken into five sections. The full contents list is located in the first section and a contents list is available at the start of each part. The PDF version is suitable for searching specific instructions or downloading and printing.

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