Positive Practice Framework (PPF)

The Positive Practice Framework (PPF) is an online resource for Behaviour Support Services (BSS) practitioners and other interested professionals. It presents a practice model that brings together current research, knowledge and practice strategies, and reflects the legislative requirements of the Disability Act 2006.

Development of the framework was overseen by the BSS Improvement Project Steering Committee, with original subject matter content authored by consultant psychologists, Dr Astrid Birgden and Ms Mellanie Fernandez.

The practice model is based on positive behaviour support and promotes a person-centred approach to responding to people with emerging or presenting behaviours of concern. The frame includes:

  • background information and context
  • overview of the practice model and principles
  • practice pathway strategies
  • advice
  • standards and supporting templates
  • references.

The practice pathway has been designed to assist practitioners to implement the practice model. It also offers advice about key stages of the practice pathway such as assessment, intervention, support and review.

The framework has been designed as a web-based document with hyperlinks that take readers to new pages containing additional information such as assessment tools, templates, web links and other references.

In the Word and PDF versions, available to download below, this information has been placed in the appendices. Selecting a hyperlinked word will take you to the relevant appendix. Tabs at the bottom of each appendix will take you back to the previous section.

Two templates: Behaviour monitoring form and Goodness of fit survey, have been extracted from the framework and created as stand-alone documents for easy use.


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