Looking After Children Conference Papers

Papers reporting on Looking After Children in Victoria have been presented at international Looking After Children conferences on the following topics:

  • Implementing Looking After Children as a collaborative practice and policy framework in Victorian Australia (Champion, R and Burke, G, 2004)
  • Giving every child in out-of-home care every chance: How the Looking After Children framework is being used in Victoria (Champion, R, 2006)
  • Outcomes for children in care in Victoria, Australia: Using the Looking After Children records for knowledge building and service improvement (Champion, R & Wise, S., 2008)
  • Measuring and improving outcomes for children in out-of-home care: Evolution of the UK Assessment and Action records in Victoria, Australia (Champion, R., Argus,C & Wise,S., 2010)

The following conference papers reporting on Looking After Children in Victoria are available:

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