It Happened to Us - Men Talk About Child Sexual Abuse

When adult survivors of child sexual abuse speak about their experiences, the healing and recovery process begins. Survivors of child sexual abuse are not alone in their experiences, they are not to blame and they are not responsible to stop it.

In this booklet, men survivors of child sexual abuse speak out about their experiences and what they felt was important in helping them. These men present their feelings, views and experiences so that other survivors, the community and professionals who work in the area can learn more about child sexual abuse and its effects. It may also encourage end empower other survivors to speak out.

Seventeen men, survivors of child sexual abuse, participated in taped interviews. A condition of participation in the project to produce this booklet being that contributors were not themselves perpetrators of abuse.

Some of the survivors interviewed were pre-schoolers at the time of the abuse while others were of primary or school age. They come from a cross-section of the community and range in age from 20 to 55 years of age.

This booklet is a companion publication to It Happened to Me: Women talk about child sexual abuse.

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