Inclusive Communities Resource Manual

A guide to the inclusion of people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities into Neighbourhood Houses, Learning Centres and other community managed organisations.

This manual is designed to meet the needs of community based organisations wanting to improve the way in which they include people with disabilities.

Most community organisations are not disability specific. They are generalist, managed by volunteer committees of management and often run by part time staff with help of volunteers. The practices recommended here therefore are aimed at people with little or no training in the disability area.

Nevertheless many organisations are already implementing good practices in inclusion and many of their practices contributed to the original ICP Manual of Good Practice. For these it is hoped that this manual will provide not only affirmation of what they are already doing but will also provoke new ideas.

For others who are less sure of their practices, or who are finding themselves having to reevaluate programs and policies in the face of changing conditions, this manual is designed as a reference.

Implementation of good practice makes demands on time and sometimes resources. Community based organisations are often short of both. However this manual is not a set of rules. It is simply a collection of recommendations, which can be applied as is most practicable.


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