Disability Support Register Guidelines

The Disability Support Register (DSR) is a database of all the people with a confirmed need for funding (Individual Support Package) to purchase supports that meet their disability needs or for Supported Accommodation.

The DSR is used to allocate these supports in a fair and efficient manner when funding or vacancies become available.

The Disability Support Register guidelines – March 2014, are designed to guide divisional practice on the registration and allocation of a person’s application for ongoing disability support. These October 2015 guidelines have been updated to further strengthen consistent practice and support the allocation process.

The guidelines and practice advice have been updated with effect from October 2015.

The guidelines will continue to be reviewed and updated as required to incorporate updated information.

Download the DSR Guidelines

Disability Support Register Guidelines Practice Advice

The practice advice is available as separate documents to enable the documents to be updated in line with changes to the guidelines from time-to-time.

Practice advice about the application of the Disability Support Register guidelines may be downloaded below.

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