Code of Conduct for Public Housing Contractors - Simplified Chinese

The Department of Human Services employs private contractors to carry out maintenance and upgrade work on our public housing.

This work ranges from minor repairs to major upgrading. It usually takes place while properties are occupied. This may create some inconvenience for both tenants and contractors.

To ensure the work is done as smoothly as possible, tenants and contractors need to cooperate with each other. They also need to honour agreements, and treat each other, and each other's property with care, courtesy and respect.

Contractors follow a Code of Conduct when working in occupied premises. The Code of Conduct sets out rules advising contractors on how to behave while carrying out work for the department.

The contractors' employees, sub-contractors and suppliers are given a copy of this Code. They are expected to understand the Code before doing any work for the department.

We do not employ contractors who do not follow this Code.

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