Rent setting and affordability for registered housing agencies

Registered housing agencies (RHA) are required to set rents which are affordable for tenants while maintaining financial viability for the agency.

For lower income households, the net rent* charged at the commencement of a tenancy should be set at no more than 30% of gross household income.

Net rent is the rent charged minus Commonwealth Rent Assistance. Details of the 30% limit are outlined in the following table:

Household** income limits for 30% net rent requirement for tenants of DHHS funded community housing

Cut off point for 30% net rent requirement Household: 1 person Household: 2 persons Household: 3+ persons
Tenants earning under these amounts should not pay more than 30% of household income as net rent $669 gross per week
($34,907 per year)
$1,029 gross per week
($53,633 per year)
$1,420 gross per week
($74,059 per year)

* Applicable from 20 September 2017. Gross household income from all sources and net of Commonwealth Rent Assistance is used. Calculations based on the maximum income eligibility limits for Commonwealth Rent Assistance.
** Household size includes children of any age.

Reporting to the Housing Registrar

RHAs will be required to report to the Housing Registrar on the rent charged for low income households, and to have hardship provisions in place for tenants whose incomes decrease significantly.

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