Labour hire procedures

Engaging labour hire agency residential care staff in out-of-home care services

Children removed from the care of their parents because of abuse and neglect and placed in residential care are highly vulnerable. These children require safe, high quality care. Sound practices in recruitment, selection, engagement and supervision of temporary contract residential care staff (Contract Workers) are essential in ensuring safe, high quality care is provided by community service organisations (CSOs) that manage and conduct residential care services (Residential Care Services) for children and young people in Victoria who require protection and care.

These Labour Hire Service Procedures specify roles and responsibilities to be adopted by CSOs and the labour hire agencies (Agencies) they engage in order to implement relevant legislation, regulations, policies and practices in Victoria for the recruitment and selection of Contract Workers, their registration as carers and their engagement in Residential Care Services.

Community service organisations funded by the department to provide Residential Care Services are required to incorporate these Procedures into their commercial contract arrangements (Commercial Contracts) with each Agency that provides labour hire services to the CSO for the placement of Contract Workers.

The roles and responsibilities specified in these Procedures are the working arrangements that will be adopted by the CSO and the Agency for the employment or engagement and placement of Contract Workers by the Agency.

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