Human Services Standards evidence guide and resource tool

The Human Services Standards evidence guide (evidence guide) supports service providers to undertake an independent review against the Human Services Standards (Standards) (gazetted as the Department of Health and Human Services Standards) and meet the requirements of the Standards.

The evidence guide has been updated and now includes an Aboriginal culturally informed addendum.

While including the necessary detail, the evidence guide (including the Aboriginal culturally informed addendum), is designed to be user friendly, concise and practical for service providers and independent review bodies. By not being overly prescriptive, it also aims to encourage service providers to be innovative in how compliance with the Standards is demonstrated.

Examples of evidence common to all service types has been used, however some service-specific examples have been included to ensure the needs of particular Department of Health and Human Services funded programs are met.

The evidence guide, including the Aboriginal culturally informed addendum, is not a checklist but a guide to evidence that demonstrates a service provider meets the Standards.

An Aboriginal culturally informed resource tool has been designed to be used by service providers in conjunction with the evidence guide and culturally informed addendum.

The tool proposes questions to assist service providers in articulating where they are on the cultural competency continuum and determining where efforts need to be directed. It includes specific measureable indicators in the monitoring and evaluation section and these represent the foundations for a continuous quality improvement approach. The indicators support an outcomes focus enabling service providers to move towards measuring the impacts of their service delivery for Aboriginal people. The tool acknowledges that cultural competence is a journey rather than a destination and the suggested indicators are a starting point upon which organisations can build and deepen their Aboriginal cultural competence.

The resource tool also includes reference to useful contextual and practice documents that will assist service providers in meeting the Standards and delivering quality services and outcomes for Aboriginal people.

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