Emergency Relief Handbook

Emergency relief handbook cover image
Emergency relief handbook cover image

The third edition of the Emergency Relief Handbook has been developed by the Department of Human Services, in partnership with the Australian Red Cross.

The handbook has been reviewed and revised, involving significant consultation with local and state government departments, and other agencies involved in delivering relief services.

The key areas of revision include:

  • Development of planning information for the whole of emergency relief (not only emergency relief centres), by emphasising planning considerations in a variety of settings
  • Clarifying financial planning and reimbursement information
  • Improved guidance for strategically managing communication priorities at local, regional and state levels
  • Provision of practical planning information for psychosocial support and early outreach
  • Inclusion of planning information for children and young people
  • Updating of guidance notes and checklists aligned to improvements in emergency relief centre planning undertaken by local government collaboration groups
  • Inclusion of case studies to highlight good practice by Victorian municipalities.

Video – Talking about the Emergency relief handbook

Key relief partners discuss improvements to the third edition of the Emergency relief handbook.

  • Carmel Flynn, Department of Human Services
  • Angela Sutherland, Australian Red Cross
  • Emma Lake, Municipal Association Victoria
  • Susan Davie, Save the Children
  • Stuart Stuart, Victorian Council of Churches

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