Emergency Management Manual Victoria - Part 4 resource kit

After the Bushfires: Victoria’s psychosocial recovery framework

This framework has been developed for planners and service providers. It offers advice on the principles and considerations that should underpin a psychosocial recovery process.

Disaster Assist

This external link details the assistance provided by the Commonwealth Government to affected people after an emergency.

Emergency Relief Handbook

The Emergency Relief Handbook has been developed for local government and agencies involved in emergency relief functions. It supports the State Emergency Relief and Recovery Plan by providing a standard approach to emergency relief in Victoria.

Emergencies and Privacy information sheet 2010: Office of Victorian Privacy Commissioner

This fact sheets provides a legal perspective on an organisations responsibilities when collecting private data during an emergency.

Municipal Association Victoria (MAV) Emergency Management Resource Sharing Protocol

This external link offers details of the LGA Protocol for Inter-council Emergency Management Resource Sharing. This protocol is intended to clarify operational, insurance and reimbursement issues that may arise through municipal resource sharing arrangements.

Psychosocial support: a framework for emergencies

The framework offers advice on the principles and considerations that should underpin psychosocial support offered to impacted individuals and communities during and following any emergency.

Spontaneous Volunteer Management Resource Kit

This external link provides details of the Spontaneous Volunteer Management Resource Kit, which developed as a framework to manage spontaneous volunteers in an emergency.

State Health Emergency Response Plan (SHERP)

The State Health Emergency Response Plan (SHERP) is a whole-of-health response to emergencies. This page provides all necessary tools and information to enable an effective, coordinated health and medical response.

Tourism Victoria - Crisis Resources

This external link provides guides for tourism businesses in times of crisis.

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