Care and transition planning for leaving care framework

Young people from 15 years of age who are transitioning from living in out-of-home care to independence are a particularly vulnerable group in our community. They often have to develop independent living skills and manage on their own much earlier than other young people. It is therefore critical that they receive significant planning and support to help them develop the skills to become independent over time.

This framework aims to provide all practitioners involved in the delivery of case management, out-of-home care and post-care support with:

  • best practice approaches and processes to prepare and support young people transitioning from out-of-home care
  • a strong, developmentally-based framework that supports children and young people to develop the skills and resources to grow into mature young adults able to participate fully in community life
  • a flexible, accessible service planning response that provides a bridge for young people from care to post-care services, and to independence.
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