Senior Practitioner - Behaviour Support Planning Toolkit

The RIDS-eBehaviour Support Planning toolkit supports staff who work in the disability sector to provide high-quality support to clients at risk of restraint and seclusion.

The Senior Practitioner’s team has combined several guides and support documents to produce the RIDS-eBSP toolkit. The RIDS-eBSP toolkit, was designed in collaboration and with feedback from our stakeholders. It will help disability staff to design high-quality support plans for the people they support. We know from our recent research that high-quality behaviour support plans are more likely to result in reductions in restrictive interventions. The new RIDS-eBSP toolkit is a practice guide on how to develop high-quality, legislatively compliant behaviour support plans.


Contact information

Please contact the system administrator at the Office of the Senior Practitioner for further assistance in using RIDS-eBSP on (03) 9096 0223. 

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