Mutual swap interest form for public housing tenants

This form is for public housing tenants who wish to swap the property they currently live in for another property in Victoria. 

Department of Human Services mutual swap database

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can let other tenants know that you’re interested in swapping properties. The Department of Human Services (the department) maintains a mutual swap database where you can list information about your property and the area you would like to swap to. Other tenants can then gain access to your contact details (with your consent) through one of our housing offices.

Please note: You should always seek the approval of your local housing office before proceeding to swap your property with another tenant.

Information the form asks you to supply

To take advantage of this service, fill out the Mutual Swap Interest form, which can be downloaded below. Include details about your current public housing property, such as the location, type (high rise, house or unit), cladding (concrete or brick) and number of bedrooms. You will also need to provide details or requirements for the property you’d like to swap to, and your name and telephone number.

The form asks for your permission to share the information you give with other tenants who are interested in swapping. You don’t have to give permission, but if you don’t, it will be hard for other tenants who might want to swap with you to contact you.

Be cautious of non-government websites offering mutual swaps

There may be other ways to find out about potential mutual swap opportunities, including through other non-government websites. However, for a number of reasons the department does not promote the use of these websites. People should be cautious when accessing information over the internet and contacting people they don't know. 

What to do before submitting this form

Before you decide to request the department assess your mutual swap application, contact the tenant with whom you wish to swap and arrange to inspect the other property.

Tenants who apply to swap are required to meet all General Housing eligibility criteria. They must also be eligible for the size and type of property to which they intend to move. For example, a young person cannot swap into a development that exclusively houses older tenants.

Only household members who have lived together for at least six months can be included in determining the appropriate housing size for a mutual swap.

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