Administration of Medication Checklist

The Administration of Medication Checklist (AMC) is a tool that can be used by supervisors to support and coach staff in ‘on -the  -job learning’ related to the administration of medication. The AMC is to be used in conjunction with the policies and the practice  guidelines of the Department of Human Services and the Residential Services Practice Manual. Completion of the checklist  provides evidence that the task has been completed under supervision.

  1. The AMC may be provided to new starters as part of the Disability Induction course and the new starter may be asked to complete this checklist on the job with a client or in a simulated exercise and under supervision.
  2. The AMC can be used as coaching tool by supervisors for staff who:
    • Require extra support on the job
    • Identify a need to refresh their skill through Professional Development and Support
  3. The AMC may form part of the range of evidence that is compiled by a staff member towards the completion of the Unit of Competency CHCCS305A –Assist clients with medication.

The AMC is to be completed under supervision and by a person at a level senior to the staff member, such as, a manager / supervisor at the DDSO 2, 2A 3, 3A level or a workplace assessor.

The content of the AMC is linked to the Unit of Competency - CHCCS305A - Assist clients with medication from the Community Services Health Training Package (CHC08).

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